Marcelo Carvalho

Name Marcelo Rodrigues de Carvalho
Address Ribeirão Preto, SP
Phone 55-16-602-3710 (work)
Fax 55-16-602-3666 (fax)
Occupation research scientist, biologist
Departamento de Biologia-FFCLRP
Universidade de São Paulo
Years at EA can't remember exactly
School activities
When you left Rio/EA 1980
Most memorable experience at EA Playing soccer as much as possible.
What you did the summer after graduation I left EA after middle-school graduation, and lived in the USA until 1983, when I returned to Rio. After Segundo Grau (Colegio Rio de Janeiro) I got a degree in Biologia at Universidade Santa Ursula (1991). In 1992 came to New York (American Museum of Natural History) for a doctorate in Biology (evolutionary biology, systematics of fishes). Finished PhD in 1999. I do research on the systematics and evolution of sharks, rays and skates, and continue at the American Museum of Natural History as a postdoctoral researcher. In 1998 I married Mary Andriani of New York.
Marital status Married
Spouse Mary Andriani
College/University attended Universidade Santa Ursula (BSc). 1987-1991
American Museum of Natural History/City University of New York joint program (PhD). 1992-1999